Detroit Sound Project

Official Electric Roots Micro Music Film Festival Line Up Announced

Friday, May 22, 2015, the Electric Roots Micro Music Film Festival at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History will be showcasing an array of celebrated music documentaries from all over the world. The official line up has films from Juan Atkins, Detroit Sound Project,  Arthur Russell, Girls Gone Vinyl, plus many more.

For more info, click for the Official Line Up 

MK - Marc Kinchen #TechnoMecca Mixtape

What I love about MK is how hard he works in the studio, and how he easy he makes smashing festival dance floors look on the decks. Thanks to @fusicology we got backstage access to @MovementDetroit to get a closer look and, hopefully, make something sweet out of our take. Glad someone brought our work to the attention of the folks over there, because it was cool to get some feedback. Shoutout to @azboogie, MK and Paxahau!

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