Now this is how is started.... DJ Al Ester, Mars Bar

Allan Ester, Jr, MAY 2011, THE DETROIT SOUND PROJECT (working title) 

This was our first foray, as a team (@jwashingtonla,@technomecca) telling these stories of a time when artistry and technology meet and what it meant to young kids growing up in Detroit.

DJ Al Ester is special cause I've known him since I was in 7th - 8th grade, so he took a few moments to talk to me about his history as a Detroit dance music DJ, not knowing that 4 years later we would have have close to 400 hours of raw footage documenting the influence of #Detroit#Dance #Music #worldwide. As a DJ and tastemaker, this man is special to a lot of Detroitiers besides myself.

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We've shot everybody from #AlEster to#RicardoVillalobos and we've got a lot more to go ask @esamervin about#detroitsoundproject


@scottch70 on the edit.